Sunday, April 30, 2017

Brocade Jacket / Blazer to Dressy Vest

#72 Back to School Wardrobe

REFLECTIONS: Still time to join:  Me Made May- Year 8
  • For self made or Re-Fashions
  • 'I, Mary @ RanchHouse, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '17. I endeavour to wear one Re-Fashioned item each day for the duration of May 2017'

Handmade by Carolyn wore ONLY her own handmade /re-fashioned shoes and clothing for an entire year.

BEFORE:. Brocade ¾ sleeve lined jacket.
  • From the re-fashion stash.Thrifted for the brocade fabric.
  • Someone else hand-made and never wore. Too small

  • Seam rip the sleeves.
  • Cut and insert a side gusset from the sleeves and sleeve lining.
  • Cut and attach a sleeve armcyle facing from stash lining.

AFTER: Dressy vest to dress to wear for graduations this Spring.

Some reasons for my many vests:
  • Pre-retirement wardrobe suit jackets/blazers no longer fit life-style.
  • Re-fashion stash has jackets/blazers thrifted for special fabrics.
  • Original items are well made with details like collars, buttons, linings not found in many vests.
  • Vests are easy wear, versitle and dress up or down. 

AFTER: Dressy Vest 


AFTER: Original tab gathers back.
Hangs better on. 

Side enlarged
with sleeve fabric.
AFTER: Sleeveless

BEFORE: Stiff brocade with 3/4 sleeves

BEFORE: Hand made / thrifted

In the Works:
 Tight waist denim cullotes

Thursday, April 27, 2017

oversized sweater 👘 to 👉 fitted sweater 😊

                   Weather ,here where I live, is still very rainy 🌂 and cold , that's why I                                             decided to come back to resizing  sweaters 

                              Big sweater Before ✂ refashion:

This very pretty but also too big ⇔  sweater is 60 % wool and 40 % cashmere. 
Thanks this smart 💡 combination it's gently to the skin. I don't know if it's only me but 100 % wool clothes are harsh to my skin, I feel something like ''biting'' 👹
In sum if it comes to this sweater :  perfect combination of fabrics  beautiful warm red color ➕ really nice neckline = perfect sweater to refashion

during work 👊

and here you can see 👀 ready sweater on me , it's very comfortable , fit but ... yes there is always but 😄
I think I will change this sweater once again  , I want something more fashionable and with little longer  sleeves 

Sweater Before and 👉After 

 Love ,

In a black mood

My soon-to-be 6 year old girl, decided that just like mom, she's now into black. I confess that's what I wear the most and what I like the most, but I've always put all sorts of colors in her wardrobe (except for soft shades of pink, I would avoid it anytime I could!). Recently though, I sewed her a flowerish fabric with a black backdrop shorts, and we styled it with black tights, top and kimono as you can see here. She loved it so much, she started saying her favorite new color was black. Ok then.

So, while she is in the mood (one never knows how long they last), I sewed her another black garment. It wasn't really planned, I wanted to knock off a navy skirt with little white flowers, but all I had in my fabric or clothes-to-refashion pile, that looked a bit like that, was this dress my mom gave me, in black, of course!

Salvaging A 70's Outfit Part 2

Hello Refashion Co-op. I found this fabulous out fit from the 70's quite a while ago. I refashioned the skirt last year and saved the top because I didn't know what to do with it and it didn't fit as it was. 

I noticed recently that this red T-shirt matched the red in the floral fabric. I decided to put them together.

The top is very small but the sleeves fit well. That determined what I would make. I removed the sleeves. It was a knit fabric and easy to work with.

The red sleeves were removed and I added the floral sleeves. I decided 3/4 length was good. I also added a small pocket just to add a little more of the floral fabric.

I really like the colors and fun look of the new top. A little touch of the wild 70's fabric is enough for me.

Thanks for reading this, for more pictures and details of this project and the original skirt, go to

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Funky Dress to Funky Suspender Skirt with a Mens Shirt Turned Half Top

I was given this crazy, funky dress in a pile of fabric from my friends girlfriend who works as a professional seamstress (score!).

It is so funky 60's, I can't help but love it!

I don't have any idea what this print is, but I don't care.  The colors are so vibrant and fun.

Here is my inspiration.  Don't ask me why.  It just spoke to me.  I was concerned it might go a little juvenile, but it was a risk worth taking.

I picked apart the dress and used my favorite skirt pattern to make the skirt (shown on my blog).

For the suspenders, I decided to make them detachable by adding button holes to them and inserting buttons on the inside of the skirt.

Here is my finished product. 

I really feel like it needs a white half top to go underneath.  Luckily, I found a perfectly good white shirt in my bin of hand-me-down victims.
Here is my mens, white shirt.

I cut off the sleeves, bottom, and up the sides.
I pinned the sides to fit the dressform.  Then hemmed the bottom, took in the sleeves, and serged them onto the shirt (got carried away and forgot to take pics!)

Here is the completed look.  For some reason the lighting was giving me trouble in the living room, so it kinda washes out the vibrant color of the skirt, but you get the idea.

Back side with suspenders.

Skirt without the suspenders.

I have some cute, white, knee high socks I can add to this look.  It's going to take a bit of bravery on my behalf to wear this out.  I'm not sure if it is too funky or young for a 40 year old women like me to wear.  Luckily, I never act my age.  
What do you think?  Can I pull this look off?